Sharing is caring. Let’s uplift one another. Here are some resources that have helped me and my clients in our journeys. Ask me anything!

Podcasts I Love

I keep updating this list. The podcasts are ordered in no particular order. A playlist of my favourite therapy podcasts – filtered by the ones I actually enjoyed listening to on my way to work.

Books I Love

I keep updating this reading list, the books are organised in categories. We read to learn, grow and remember that we’re not alone. My hope is that some of the books help you, just as they have me.

Shame vs Guilt

No one likes shame or guilt, yet they’re emotions we (nearly) all feel. Though both the emotions are based on social evaluation – they’re vastly different. Let’s unravel the shame/guilt knot.

Q&A: Therapy Sessions

Sometimes, we just want some answers. I complied a list of the most common questions I get asked, with answers of course. If there’s a something else on your mind, ask away!

Emergency Resources

If you, or someone you know, is in a critical state – there is help available. Reach out. Have a look at these helplines, useful links or let me know. No matter what your brain is telling you, you deserve support.

My Therapist Manifesto

A manifesto is a published declaration of intentions and views, usually something political parties do. Though I’m no politician, in my case I want my clients to know where I stand.

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