My Therapist Manifesto

A manifesto is a published declaration of intentions and views. It’s usually something political parties do. Though I’m no politician, in my case I want my clients to know where I stand.


Keep everything confidential — unless a client is a threat to themselves or another person.


Create a safe space for a client by not judging them. Never underestimate the transformative power of acceptance.


Empower and respect the client, by trusting their inner processes.


Trust your intuition.


Know yourself. Understand your own sensitivities and triggers, so that they don’t get in the way of you aiding a client in their journey.


Have empathy & compassion for the client. These processes invite the feeling of closeness and professional intimacy. The client will (un)consciously recognise this, helping them trust you and open up further in the process.


Therapy is much an art as it is a science.


Respect the client always. You do this by respecting their decisions and not judging them as “bad” or “good”. Become comfortable in the grey.


Actively listen to the client. It’s the best way to both understand them, and to make them feel heard and seen. Remember that there is always more to learn.


Be curious about a client and why they have decided to share something to you. Although it may not be outwardly clear to you, it could hold great significance to them.


Remember that you are investing your humanity, into another person’s humanity.


Be honest with the client, so that you create a space in which they can be open with you.


Model what you teach, but be compassionate with yourself as well — perfection does not exist.

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