Therapy is a space where you are heard, accepted and respected.

My integrative therapeutic approach is holistic. To me this means whole person healing.

Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to. We don’t choose the hardship or trauma that shadows us through the years, like emotional neglect, aggression, abuse or loss. By bringing light to these unprocessed hurts, we can break the cycles of trauma from being passed on.

As a client-centred therapist, my therapeutic objective is to create a space of acceptance, respect and nurturance, so that clients are inspired to hold that same space for themselves. 

There is innate power & serenity in being connected with oneself.

Here’s what I do: I encourage clients to access their own wisdom, I collaborate with them on how to sit with and process the hard stuff, and I empower them to recognise that they are the authors of their lives. Based on a client’s objectives, I formulate a thorough, tailor-made treatment plan that evolves according to them.

My request for clients is to be courageous. In therapy, we explore moments in which we feel less than whole. It’s sometimes uncomfortable, messy and daunting, but I’m here to accompany clients on their journey of feeling whole.

Together we embark on a journey of meaningful transformation.

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