Therapy is an authentic space where you are heard, accepted & respected – entirely as you are
Ishana Durante - Bose - Holistic Psychologist in Leiden, The Netherlands

Holistic Psychologist

I’m Ishana Durante – Bose, I’m a holistic/integrative psychologist working in Leiden, The Netherlands. I offer evidence-based therapy in-person and online.

My therapy approach is holistic. To me, this means: drawing from a myriad of Psychology perspectives & tools for whole person healing.

Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to. We don’t choose to experience trauma – like abuse, rejection, loss, emotional neglect, or violence. By bringing light to these unprocessed hurts & working through them, we can break the cycles of intergeneration trauma.

As a client-centered therapist, my therapy objective is to create a space of acceptance, respect & nurturance – so that you’re inspired to hold that same space for yourself. 

There is innate power & serenity in being connected with oneself.

Here’s what I do:

  • I work with you to uncover deeper personal themes for your self-development
  • We collaborate on how to sit with & process the hard stuff
  • I encourage you to access your inner wisdom & to recognise that you’re the author of your life
  • Based on your therapy goals, I formulate a unique treatment plan that evolves & flows as you do
  • In your healing journey, I’ll weave in many evidence-based psychological tools, perspectives & exercises to help you reclaim yourself

My only request for you is to be as courageous as you can.

In therapy, we explore moments in which we feel less than whole. Though at times uncomfortable, this profound inner work is the path back to feeling whole.

I’m with you at every step of your healing journey.

Together we embark on a journey of meaningful transformation.

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