What Does ‘Holistic’ Mean?

Holistic = Whole

Holism is all encompassing. It means viewing various systems as parts of a whole, rather than them being viewed totally independently. The truth is most things are related to one another.

What Does the Holistic Approach Look Like?

A holistic approach can entail a lot of different things. However, the overall goal is that holistic therapy addresses ‘whole person’ healing. Whole person = mind, body, emotions and spirit.

It means not focusing just on mental illness, but also on wellness. It means providing mental and emotional health support, whilst also considering social, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The holistic approach is sometimes also referred to as the ‘integrative approach’. Like the holistic therapy, it underscores the importance of integrating any and all factors that are influencing a client’s current state of being.

Why Take the Holistic Approach?

We are all complex. That is both the gift and sometimes the hardest part of being human.

In holistic therapy, this essential truth is honoured.

We are much, much more than just our mental health status. We are all a unique collection of beliefs, feelings, sensations, mental and physical states of being, and memories.

My goal in holistic therapy is to help clients compassionately develop a deep understanding of themselves, at all levels.

Inevitably, this self-awareness nurtures self-acceptance, self-esteem & empowerment.

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