My Offerings

Therapy in Leiden, The Netherlands

There is no faster way to heal, than knowing that all feelings are safe to be felt. Therapy offers this.

What I Offer:

Individual Psychotherapy

  • A entirely unique approach & treatment plan that’s formed around you

  • Myriad of therapeutic techniques, perspectives & interventions for your healing – depending on what you prefer, usually a mix of Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy , Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, Schema Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Homework, visualisations, experiments, tools, insights & meditations for you to take home – integration is the biggest part of therapy

  • Expanding your toolkit of inner resources

  • We can meet in-person in Leiden (my practise), online or in The Hague (at PSYNT‘s Headquarters)
Therapy in Leiden, The Netherlands

Expressive Art Therapy

  • Intuitive painting, collaging, clay-work or full body painting

  • It can be for individuals, couples (dyads or polycules) or groups

  • Held by specific music, supported with guided meditations & visualisations, facilitated shares for deeper insights

  • Expressive Art Therapy is a window into our inner world. Through the intuitive art practise, we reach places words cannot. Through integration, we come to a place of greater wholeness & inner trust

  • We can meet in-person in Leiden (my practise) or online
Expressive Art Therapy, Leiden The Netherlands
Expressive Art Therapy, Leiden The Netherlands

Facilitation of Workshops, Talks & Retreats

I love working intimately with a group. It’s a great way to uplift more people (a community) at once. That’s why I teach & train Psychology students at Leiden University.


  • I facilitate interactive, intimate workshops with the aim that participants go home with a strengthened sense of self & community. Topics I’ve facilitated in workshops: ‘Create Your Self-Soothing Map’, ‘Nurture… Not Neglect’, ‘Embody Your Best Self’, ‘Move, Breathe & Release’ & ‘Befriend Your Body’


  • The interactive talks I’ve offered also centre on connection, I like to learn from my audience. As part of my social responsibility, I offer free lectures to a College in a rural part of India & to students at Leiden University during Wellbeing Week. Topics I’ve discussed in lectures: ‘Boundaries 101’, ‘Calm Your Nervous System’, ‘Anger, The Superpower’, ‘How to Actually Listen’, ‘Befriend our Feelings’ & ‘How to Cope… Not Avoid’


  • Chiaroscuro Retreat; Disconnect, Reconnect & Create – immersive 6-day retreat for artists, in an incredible Italian castle. Everyday I facilitated one immersive group activation, held space for individual counselling & guided meditations/visualisations, whilst the artists co-conceived a powerful art piece together.

My Workshops, Talks & Retreats involve:

  • Orchestrating & facilitating for companies, schools or universities, tailored to your organisation’s needs

  • Offering the audience an immersive, thought-provoking & heart-centred experience, with resources to take home to further digest & integrate

  • We can meet in-person in Leiden (my practise) or online
Ishana Durante - Bose - Holistic Psychologist in Leiden, The Netherlands on the Polyvagal Theory & Window of Tolerance
Ishana Durante - Bose - Holistic Psychologist in Leiden, The Netherlands on giving a lecture
Ishana Durante - Bose - Holistic Psychologist in Leiden, The Netherlands facilitating a workshop
Ishana Durante - Bose - Holistic Psychologist in Leiden, The Netherlands giving a talk

Free Guided Group Meditations in Leiden

  • I guide free group meditations every Sunday from 17.30 – 19.00 & my co-leader every Thursday from 17.30 – 19.00 at Rapenburg 100, Leiden

  • We start with a guided 20 minute mediation, heart-first shares & a mētta meditation (Buddhist love & compassion meditation)

  • Alongside the guided-meditations, we hold an intimate & safe space to optionally share from the heart

  • No registration necessary, strings attached – come & go as you wish

  • Location is Rapenburg 100, Leiden
Free group meditations in Leiden, The Netherlands
Therapy in Leiden, The Netherlands


Ishana was great. We had 10 [individual therapy] sessions together online. I didn’t know if I could open up to someone on my laptop, but I did. I felt very safe and understood by her.

I achieved my therapeutic objectives. Those two months were truly transformational. Thank you!!!

Individual Therapy. Oxford, U.K.

My girlfriend and I did a spontaneous painting of ourselves together, with our inner children in the frame.

It was incredible for our relationship. My girlfriend told me things she had never mentioned before. I’m not ashamed to say I cried. We got so much closer. Who knew painting with our left hands could do this?

Couple Expressive Arts Therapy. Leiden, The Netherlands

I knew that the therapy worked when one of my friends commented on how vocal I had become with expressing my feelings. That was one of my main therapeutic goals!

I used to think that I wasn’t emotional. Like I never knew what I was really feeling. Through the therapy, Ishana helped me realize that I needed to validate my feelings. Growing up, my parents would make me second guess my emotions… just like their parents had done with them. Intergenerational trauma is real. I feel like I’m slowly breaking that cycle.

Individual Therapy. New York, U.S.A

When I started therapy with Ishana, I was pretty depressed. I had just lost my job because of COVID and I felt hopeless. We worked together for about 2 months. In those months… I got my shit together! I moved out from a bad place, I got a new job and I confronted my mum on her behaviour. I definitely recommend Ishana. I always felt heard by her and that she really understood me.

Individual Therapy. The Hague, The Netherlands

Therapy in Leiden, The Netherlands

Pay Scale

Therapy60 min
(50 min direct, 10 min indirect)
Sliding Scale Fee TBD
Lowest Pay-Scale/
Student Fee *
60 min
(50 min direct, 10 min indirect)
55 €
Group Therapy60 min
(50 min direct, 10 min indirect)
25 €
Extra Indirect Client Time**15 min1/4 of the
Session Fee
Therapy Outside
of Office Hours
60 min
(50 min direct, 10 min indirect)

Therapy should be accessible. Everyone deserves care for their mental health.

* A sliding scale fee offered to students in financial difficulty, for which not all students are automatically eligible.

** Extra indirect client time are any services provided outside of direct counselling contact, such as additional paperwork, reports, or diagnostics.

Therapy in Leiden, The Netherlands
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